10th European Public Health Conference ‘Sustaining Resilient & Healthy Communities’ 2017

10th European Public Health Conference ‘SUSTAINING RESILIENT & HEALTHY COMMUNITIES’

1 – 4 November 2017, StoUntitledckholmsmässan, Sweden

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Many European communities face new challenges in the provision of preventive and curative services. Migration, ageing populations, climate change, political upheavals and austerity measures all threaten the provision of high quality and equitable services. People’s opportunities for a healthy life are closely linked to the socio-economic conditions in which they live. Resilient and empowered communities respond better to economic, social and environmental change.

Communities that remain disadvantaged also remain behind in health outcomes and other social determinants. People need to be empowered to manage their health more pro-actively, chose healthy lifestyles and make informed choices. The current problems in many European countries caused by the economic crisis coupled with structural changes in demography and disease patterns call for the reform and modernisation of public health, health services and social care systems.

The problems are set against a context of changing values and expectations on our social systems. Innovations – new combinations of practices and approaches developed to better address social needs and expectations – need to be developed and implemented throughout health and social care systems. New modes of collaboration between the public and privates sector are needed. Investing in people’s health helps improve the health of the population and contributes to productivity, employability and growth, factors essential to sustainable development and resilience of societies in times of challenging environmental and social changes. Reducing health inequalities contributes to social cohesion and breaks the vicious spiral of poor health and poor socio-economic condition.


– Sharing our common wealth: efficiency and equity trade-offs in welfare policies.
– Public health in a globalized world: Is Europe ready for the challenges?
– Winds of change: From public to private, from collective to individual: How can public health systems adapt to a changing world?
– Health systems under pressure.
– Planetary boundaries and health:how do they interact?